Diabetes Prevention Program (For those with prediabetes)

Diabesity Educational Seminar

The 2018 Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes by the American Diabetes Association strongly recommends a program that includes weight loss, nutrition, and a behavioral lifestyle intervention program.

At Medical Weight Management NY, our program includes all the components recommended.

Included in our Diabetes Prevention Program are:

  • Medically supervised weight loss supplements
  • Nutritionists to guide you to proper eating
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Pharmacological Intervention when needed
  • Physical Activity recommendations
  • Technology Assistance to Deliver Lifestyle Interventions


Attend our upcoming seminar focusing on Diabesity (Diabetes + Obesity).

Diabesity Educational Seminar

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Management and Resolution

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With proper weight loss and tools to live a healthier life- you can delay and even avoid diabetes! For more information about our Medically Supervised Weight Management Program:

Diabesity Educational Seminar