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LAP-BAND® Adjustments for healthy weight loss

An adjustment is an in-office procedure where the amount of fluid in your band is adjusted to make it tighter or looser in order to make the new stomach opening the right size to let you gradually lose weight (an ideal fill level varies from person to person). You should still be able to eat enough to get the nutrients that you need, while still reducing the overall amount you can actually eat.

Your First Adjustment

At first, the LAP-BAND® will be empty or only partially inflated. This gives your body time to get accustomed to your LAP-BAND ® during the first few weeks. Your first adjustment will usually take place about four to six weeks after surgery (the exact time will vary from patient to patient). The adjustment is a simple process: The access port underneath the skin of your abdomen is located by feeling for it on the surface of your skin. A fine needle is inserted into the access port (you may feel a pricking sensation similar to when you give blood) and sterile saline fluid is added to your LAP-BAND®.

Future adjustments

During the first year, most patients get between five and eight adjustments (adding or removing fluid). Once you reach your goal weight, your adjustments usually become less frequent.

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