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Why Choose Dr. Vohra

  • More than 10,000 successful surgeries
  • More than 30 years’ experience
  • Developed sleeve gastrectomy techniques with outcomes that are among the best in the nation
  • Extensive experience in revisional bariatric procedures

AboutRajeev Vohra, MD, FACS

New York Bariatrics & Laparoscopy, PC

New York Bariatrics and Laparoscopy offers a new type of weight loss medical practice with concierge care for your long-term success. We offer non surgical weight loss options through nutrition and medication, along with minimally invasive weight loss surgery. Dr. Rajeev Vohra customizes your care to meet your needs, focused on quality above all.

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One doctor.One patient.One journey at a time.Yours.


  • Thank you Dr. Vohra and Dr. Nishimura!!! Removing the Band and having the Sleeve was the best decision I made. I am now able to eat a variety of foods (just smaller portions) and I am healthier, happier and continuing to lose weight! It’s only been a couple of months and my weight loss is back on track losing over an additional 50 lbs. By - Korpi

  • I can’t say enough. Dr Vohra and his ENTIRE staff are unbelievably amazing. I HIGHLY recommend New York Bariatrics. They are, knowledgeable, kind, talented, and make you know you matter. Day 5 post op and already I feel great. I LOVE them By - Ingit

  • Respect this Doctor’s opinion extremely…He is serious about what he does. Without me ever asking…all of his colleagues at all of the appointments knew him and had outstanding things to say about him….I know several people who have went to him and things went great for them. I thank God he will be doing my surgery. By - Sugar Mama

  • Dr. Vohra – From the moment I stepped into this office I felt that I was in the right place. The staff, education and all the information I received has been exactly what I needed to hear. The surgery went well. Dr. Vohra was pleasant and the best bed-side manner one could ask for. By - Luluw62

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Patient Resources

Support Groups

The Bariatric Support Group Meetings are a forum to address the nutritional, social, and medical ramifications of weight loss surgery. The Support Group meetings are the perfect opportunity to meet and share information with other patients who have also had surgery.

Nutrition & Wellness
& Wellness

Nutrition and wellness are intricately linked, with a healthy diet playing a vital role in maintaining overall well-being. A balanced diet rich in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote longevity.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss
Medically Supervised
Weight Loss

Our medically supervised weight loss programs are designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals safely. These programs may include personalized diet and exercise plans

Our Concierge Approach

Introducing a new type of bariatrics practice. A concierge practice that is dedicated to your long-term success, that offers a variety of weight loss options customized to meet your needs, and that is focused on quality above all. One doctor. One patient. One journey at a time. Yours.

Concierge Service

  • First Consultation

    Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your Appointment for registration and to fill in a health questionnaire.

  • Personalized Plan

    Introducing a new type of bariatrics practice. A concierge practice that is dedicated to your long-term success, that offers a variety of weight loss options customized to meet your needs, and that is focused on quality above all.

Concierge Service

Weight Loss Strategies

  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss

    For those potential patients who do not qualify for the bariatric surgery program or prefer another alternative, New York Bariatrics & Laparoscopy, PC...

  • Bariatric Surgical Approaches

    Bariatric surgery is the surgical option for losing weight and improves the quality of life.

  • Revision Surgery

    Patients who have had previous weight loss surgery occasionally require revision. This may be required if there are medical complications, inadequate weight loss or weight re-gain.


Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an approximate measure of body fat based on your height and weight. It is important to remember that as a person’s BMI goes higher, this also increases the risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and certain cancers.

  • Lbs.
  • Height
  • Click here to read more about BMI
  • American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery
  • The American Board of Surgery
  • American Medical Association