Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, Hewlett Long Island, New York

Scar Free Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery – An Immediate Advancement in Patient Care!

Single Incision Surgery – Bariatric Surgery without the Scars

Bariatric Surgery, Hewlett Long Island, New York Dr. Vohra and Dr. Nishimura are proud to be two of the selected surgeons in the United States to offer single port access surgery.

Using the latest full-range-of-motion handheld laparoscopic instrument, a 1/2-inch incision is made within a patient’s belly button resulting in a “single hidden scar”. The flexibility of the instruments along with the skill of the surgeons allows the entire procedure to be performed through this one incision.

Taking laparoscopic surgery to a new level, Dr. Vohra and Dr. Nishimura are utilizing this procedure with gallbladder, hernia, colon repair, spleen, lap band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy. Patients enjoy less discomfort, quicker incision healing and no traumatic body scarring.

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