Have You Regained Weight After Bariatric Surgery or Stopping Weight Loss Medications?

Have You Regained Weight After Bariatric Surgery or Stopping Weight Loss Medications?
Have You Regained Weight After Bariatric Surgery or Stopping Weight Loss Medications?

There are many treatment options available for those struggling with obesity. Current weight loss medications as well as bariatric surgery have both proven to be highly successful for the majority of patients. Most patients receiving these treatments are able to lose their desired weight and then embrace a new, healthier lifestyle. However, there are times when a patient regains weight after experiencing their initial weight loss. It’s not always because someone is unwilling or unable to change their relationship with food, other unforeseen circumstances can cause weight gain. Regardless of the reason, there are several adjustments a patient can make to get back on track.

The diet and exercise strategies that encourage and promote a patient's initial weight loss also play a crucial role in weight loss maintenance. It may take time and effort to determine how factors, such as daily food intake and exercise will affect each patient's weight. If a patient is having difficulty maintaining their weight loss and their weight begins edging up, these helpful strategies can make a difference.

Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies:

  • Utilize Support Systems
  • Avoid Skipping Meals
  • Take in Proper Protein
  • Meet Carbohydrate Needs
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Avoid Sweetened Beverages
  • Exercise Daily

Even if a patient has a renewed commitment to diet, exercise, and weight loss support, there are several reasons why someone would regain weight.

Bariatric Surgery is an effective treatment for those who have regained weight after trying non surgical options. A second bariatric procedure known as bariatric revision surgery is a procedure that corrects or improves on a prior weight loss surgery. This is a viable treatment option if the patient was unable to reach their goal weight following their first surgery or has regained a significant amount of weight after initially reaching their goal.

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