Patient Testimonials

  • Thank you Dr. Vohra and Dr. Nishimura!!! Removing the Band and having the Sleeve was the best decision I made. I am now able to eat a variety of foods (just smaller portions) and I am healthier, happier and continuing to lose weight! It’s only been a couple of months and my weight loss is back on track losing over an additional 50 lbs.

    By - Korpi
  • Dr. Vohra has helped me change my body but most of all changed my entire life.

    By - Ilene
  • Dr. Vohra is amazing!! His staff at the office and the staff at South Nassau Hospital are the greatest. They are the most compassionate people I have ever met. I thought about doing this procedure for a long time and I certainly did my homework. You are in good hands with Dr. Vohra. Thank you :0)

    By - Alison
  • The staff at the office is great… Each one of them are caring, loving and very compassionate… They truly treat you with dignity, respect and they are willing to listen… Thank you all Liz, Gail and all of them are great people!!!  I recommend Dr. Vohra to anybody that wants a positive change!

    By - Berzaida
  • I recommend Dr. Vohra and his staff to everyone who is looking for a surgeon! His experience in this field is simply remarkable! Dr. Vohra is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and re-assuring to all his patients who or considering weight loss surgery. I was apprehensive at first because this is a big decision, but after meeting him and enduring the wonderful staff and how involved they are in my health and future, I then knew I made the right decision.

    By - Sharon
  • My first impression of Dr Vohra was a competent surgeon with an excellent bedside manner. Over the time I have known him my first impression was confirmed. His staff are professional, friendly and efficient. He stresses the importance of aftercare. He has a structured after care plan that includes dietitian, bariatric coordinator and a nurse. There is also a support group for both band and VSG. He discussed the risks of the surgery openly. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate him 10.

    By - Denra
  • I can’t say enough. Dr Vohra and his ENTIRE staff are unbelievably amazing. I HIGHLY recommend New York Bariatrics. They are, knowledgeable, kind, talented, and make you know you matter. Day 5 post op and already I feel great. I LOVE them.

    By - Ingit
  • Dr. Vohra is a great surgeon he was really nice to me and helped me along the way. i have lost 100lbs in 6 mons and i have never felt better. i am off alot of the meds i was taking and changed the way i look forever. His office staff is awesome they are very friendly and make you feel great when your in the office. This was the best thing i have ever done and i will continue to stay healthly for the rest of my life. Thanks Dr. Vohra.

    By - Danick
  • Dr. Vohra and his staff members like Sameer, Danielle, and Mary Ann to name a few are really hands on with helping you post-op. they have support groups that meet every month that offer you support regarding diet, live-style, family and any other area of your life. They do not cut any corners regarding aftercare. They make sure you are clear on both benefits and dangers if you don’t follow the plan. He is one of the best! Try him for yourself, it will be the best decision of your life.

    By - BabySha from Obesity Help Reviews
  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to reach out to let everyone *****ads this that if you’re looking for a great surgeon in the NY Tri-state area, I recommend Dr. Rajeev Vohra. He is fantastic! The office is professional, courteous adn sensitive to the individual needs of their patients. You feel like family as soon as you walk through the door.

    Dr. Vohra has excellent bedside manner, he erases any doubt or fear you may have prior and post surgery. There is always someone available to assist you at various stages you may be in your weight loss journey. “You are not alone” in this process” and that is very important for me. Patients and staff members support each other. I recommend him to the world!

    By - A New Me!
  • Respect this Doctor’s opinion extremely…He is serious about what he does. Without me ever asking…all of his colleagues at all of the appointments knew him and had outstanding things to say about him….I know several people who have went to him and things went great for them. I thank God he will be doing my surgery.

    By - Sugar Mama
  • Dr. Vohra Is One Of The Best Surgeons I Could Have Asked For. I Trusted My Life In His Hands which means a lot! My First Impression of Him Was “WOW” He Is this man is very straight to the point and informative. I began to make it my mission that each time I saw him i was going to try to make him laugh..and I was successful most of the time LOL! The Most Important Thing We Discussed Alot Was After Care & Risk. (WHICH I HOPE ALL SURGEONS GO OVER). He Got To Know Me Just As Well As His Office Staff. They Are Angels Every Last One OF Them. Maureen & Gail Always Make Sure Im On Top Of Things..When You Come Into The Office Its Like Being At Home With Family. The Main Thing That Made Me Choose DrVohra Was His STATS & the office staff. Overall Dr. Vohra Is a 10 My Scale & A+ Overall Wonderful Person. Thanks Dr.Vohra for changing/ saving my life! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

    By - Cher

    By - Wunderpi
  • Dr. Vohra – From the moment I stepped into this office I felt that I was in the right place. The staff, education and all the information I received has been exactly what I needed to hear. The surgery went well. Dr. Vohra was pleasant and the best bed-side manner one could ask for.

    By - Luluw62
  • Dr. Vohra was terrific, my surgery went great and I feel wonderful. The weight is already coming off. I’m following the advice of the great staff and doing terrific.

    By - Greemm
  • Dr. Vohra is the surgeon that I choose to do my surgery because he was recommended to me. Everything that was said about him was found to be true. My surgery was successful.

    By - Val
  • The surgery was quick and easy. Dr. Vohra was good at explaining what was going to be done. He followed up with me the next day to make sure that I was okay. Happy with the experience.

    By - Hope
  • Overall Dr. Vohra really made me feel comfortable before and after surgery and i felt like I was in good hands.

    By - Lou
  • Dr. Vohra and his staff were friendly, helpful and supportive. They really covered everything I couldn’t think of, including this web-site.

    By - P.S.
  • Dr. Vohra is really a warm cuddly bear.

  • I was treated with respect and care. I highly recommend the New YorkBariatrics&Laparoscopy and Dr. Vohra to anyone looking to get control of their weight and life! Thanks for all the support everyone in the office gave me and my family!

    By - Kbednar
  • I think I was in shock that I was actually thinking about doing this type of procedure. I love the office staff! Everyone is so warm and easygoing. All my questions were answered. I would recommend Dr. Vohra. I felt confident as I was undergoing the procedure. He explained his protocol which I found very helpful. I was up and around (although slowly) within a few days. His staff is excellent and professional. I am thankful that they are there with me. I had a good experience with them.”
    “Dr. Rajeev Vohra what can I say, everything people raved on was true. He is such a nice man, and I felt very comfortable with him. I will be have sleeve done. I first meet with Joan, she is such a doll. She not only made me feel welcome but my daughter too who accompanied me. Thanks Joan. Then I meet Sameera. I first meet her at the support group and she was very nice. It was so easy to talk with her, and she is very sincereand I love her too right off the bat. Over all the entire staff was friendly, what can I say about this group, wonderful, wonderful wonderful.

  • Dr. Vohra is the best. I think he is a wonderful man and an excellent physician. I trusted my life with him 200%. I’d recommend him to anyone interested in bariatric surgery!!! Dr. Nishimura is so wonderful, also. He is so compassionate and asks about my overall life, not just about my sleeve. He knows my issues and always tries to help me through some hard times. He is very very good at giving pep talks because it works every time! Dr. Huang, Gabe, Tom, Danielle, Jill, and Gail, and Diane are great, too. I would highly recommend Dr. Vohra and Dr. Nishimura to anyone considering WLS. Dr. Nishimura removed my gall bladder. Between my VSG and my gall bladder, they were both successful with no complications!!!


  • Excellent, skillful surgeon. Weight loss center staff is also excellent and friendly. No complaints. If you are considering lapband surgery he is the one, very little scarring.

  • “Hands of gold… he saved my life”

    By - Pat
  • I just visited Dr. Vohra’s office and was so impressed with the entire Bariatric Team. Dr. Vohra was extremely thorough in explaining all the various options to help me make a decision between the lapband and the sleeve. He really cared and too the time to answer all the questions I had. He has a full comprehensive pre and post program to keep me on track after the surgery. I had two friends who he did surgery on and they are both extremely happy with the results.

    By - Samantha